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Atelier Web Remote Commander Professional is a utility designed to maintain server logs remotely via Web browser. It offers a feature-rich interface, allowing you to manage remote servers and workstations, get system and network information, as well as shut down computers remotely. ... EP-Link Connect is an option for the controller used in a US1838 transceiver, a USB-to-Serial transceiver that can be used to connect a USB cable to another computer to control and monitor the device. It does not require additional software. This software was created by Scirea Corporation. It supports serial communication with the US1838 device and serial communication with IBM PS/2®, PC/AT and Alpha/beta computer models. In the absence of a PC/AT or Alpha/beta computer, connecting the USB cable to a computer and issuing the command "tcpip /dev/COM1" will cause it to be sent to the device. In addition, you can install the Cisco TFTP GUI, and configure and access the US1838 device remotely. ... Airfoil stream from your desktop to the remote computer. You can stream audio or video to a remote PC using the built-in audio player. Airfoil Stream is a useful program designed to help you with online media streaming and file transfer through the Internet. With this tool, you can "load" media content from your computer to the remote computer, and vice versa. Airfoil Stream is a free program. iMPS uses a set of open source modules that allow the user to set up and configure a dynamic IP address to a local computer. The software allows you to register or renew an IP address lease with a dynamic DNS. The domain name, server address, and the lease duration (in minutes) are the only mandatory parameters. Dynamic DNS services enable the user to set up an IP address that will change periodically (the frequency depends on the service provider). ConTracted is a free tool designed to list TCP/IP network protocol types and their parameters. It is a standard TCP/IP / IP description, suitable for network administrators. The tool enables viewing of the local subnet data with a summary of local physical network adapters, offers configuration of DHCP addresses, and enables you to review the network. WirelessEcho is a software designed to work with existing hardware to provide the user with the ability to transmit and receive data over a wireless connection. a5204a7ec7

Atelier Web Remote Commander Professional allows you to remotely manage computers running Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. Using this tool, you can get access to the system logon screen of a remote computer, view system information, view processes, view shared resources, view current processes, view network information, view shared resources, view user accounts, view hardware information, manage shared printers, as well as check computer status. It is important to mention that this application is based on the following software: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Core Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Edition Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack 6 Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition The main interface of Atelier Web Remote Commander Professional may feel a little confusing at first, especially with all the buttons on it. However, it is not that complex. You may find help documentation here to get an overview on all its main features. You may enter a hostname or IP address, as well as check its status. The interface will take a little time to load. You may wait until all interfaces are ready before getting into the options. You should also get an overview on all windows on the remote computer before you get into the options. You will need to fill in some information, including a description of your service. Click on the "Install" button when you are finished. The installation process may seem a little slow due to its size. Clicking on the "Install Now" button will start the installation. Once the installation process has finished, the application will launch. You will be asked to fill in the details of your Remote Hosts, such as the name, IP, Notes, and Port. On the other hand, you will be required to fill in the hostname, IP and Notes for the Local Computer. When you are ready, select the "Remote Computers" tab. On this tab, you will need to check which software is running on your remote computers. Simply click on one of the buttons next to the each computer name. Make sure you do not enter any passwords. Once you are done with these steps, click on the "Setup" tab. On this tab, you will need to enter a user name. You will need to enter an email address as well as a password for the user account. You will also need to enter a description

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